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Pro Solutions’ iCon solves Core Banking / SAP BI Integration at Commercial Bank of Africa

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pro Solutions delivered a state of the art Enterprise Service Bus implementation at the Commercial Bank of Africa during 2014. As part of the project team sent by IZAZI, Pro Solutions implemented i-Con Integration Suite developed by Pro Solutions, successfully alleviating the need for multiple integration systems offered by different vendors across a range of departments within the bank.

The initial brief of supporting a SAP implementation soon turned into an enterprise wide relook at the integration architecture within the bank. More than 70 integration points were identified and converted to all use the new centralized ESB, offering enterprise wide monitoring, central logging and the confidence within the IT department to know that any issue can be traced and resolved within a matter of minutes.

Amongst others the following key interfaces were delivered, all on time and within budget:

  • Process payments from SAP into the T24 core banking system
  • Extract all required BI data from T24 into a SAP accessible Microsoft SQL Server environment in a 6th of the time it used to take.
  • Expose account information and give the ability to create new accounts to the Microsoft CRM system
  • Interface with the PRIME credit card system
  • Convert the complete MPESA mobile payment solution to a single interface, providing reporting and management functionality
  • Changed the Corporate to Business file transfer and payment process to a generic, centrally managed interface to enable business to onboard new customers in a fraction of the time
  • Interfaced the T24 core banking system with the new Glory TCR’s in a period of two weeks. The TCR vendor advised that they expect this process to take up to 9 months
  • Implemented a new Customer Bank Statement generation interface to either mail or print customer statements based on customer preference

To quote SAP project manager Peter Nolan “This is the shortest deployment of a SAP system in Africa to date, the use of Pro Solutions effectively saved time with the development, testing and final deployment of all identified interfaces” when asked how this ESB implementation helped SAP in delivering on deadlines in implementing the BI solution.

i-Con Integration Suite is proudly brought to you by Pro Solutions. Pro Solutions is a software development company specialising in integration solutions. With its strong integration capabilities, it has also created a number of features that take away the administration overhead as well as reduce down time in the business.

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