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Nedbank Africa success with iCon

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Automated Remote Fulfilment - Namibia

Nedbank Namibia required a solution to allow sales staff to travel to remote areas to acquire new business. The front-end mobile solution was already in place and needed to be integrated into the core banking system. Nedbank used iCon to expose a Web Service to accept data from the mobile solution. This data was then securely sent to the core banking system using existing iCon functionality.

The result proved an efficient solution that decreased the amount of time that clients would spend at the bank.

ZimSwitch – Zimbabwe

Nedbank Zimbabwe required new middleware to translate messages from the Postilion Switch to its core banking system. Using existing functionality, iCon was used to deliver a solution efficiently. The Client-Server architecture between Postilion and iCon was also tweaked to better suit the environment.

The solution went into QA within 3 months and has been stable since November 2013.

Automated Transfer System (ATS) – Malawi

Due to governance, the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) was tasked to guide the banks of Malawi to adopt the ISO20022 financial standard. This meant that the existing Electronic File Transfer process at Nedbank Malawi would need to change to use the new RBM system. The system was going to be used by all banks and a “Big Bang” approach was used. No back-out plans were established because it was an industry change. This meant for a pressurised deadline.

The solution involved receiving ISO20022 messages from RBM, translating this message and sending the financial transaction to the core banking system. Likewise, outward transactions are received from the core banking system and translated into an ISO20022 format. This XML format is then sent to RBM.

Within 3 months, the solution was developed and went Live.

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