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"If i-Con is the lever, and the world is the future, would you put your legacy applications as the fulcrum?"

"Leverage off legacy applications efficiently"

"The glue between applications"

"The interpreter between applications"

"The Swiss army knife of integration"

"The traffic officer routing information securely"

"We get applications talking to each other"

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Trusted by financial institutions, i-Con provides a centralized console to facilitate communication. Produce documents; receive SMS or email notifications; communicate between application interfaces; and ensure your success.

Why i-Con?

You and your company have spent years developing the systems and applications that have made you a successful business. When new technology becomes available you want to be able to take advantage of it as quickly and cost effectively as possible. The problem you face is that some of your older systems, while working perfectly, cannot be simply integrated with newer technology. You now have three options:

You now have three options:

  • Get rid of your old, but perfectly operating, systems; go through a costly, and lengthy, redesign and redevelopment phase so that they can work with new technology; and then spend months, and possibly even years, solving problems and glitches that have already been ironed out in your legacy systems.
  • Avoid new technology and possibly be left behind by competitors, and customers.
  • Implement i-Con and quickly take advantage of new technology while leveraging off your legacy applications and systems, through the strength and durability of i-Con in a cost-effective manner.

What makes i-Con great?

The i-Con ESB Solution is created through a careful selection of pre-built components that meet your company’s specific needs.


Because all the components required to integrate your modern and legacy applications are already built, i-Con can be implemented within an extremely short time frame. Where some companies’ solutions require months or even years to implement, i-Con has a turnaround time of weeks.


The component nature of i-Con means that it can be scaled up to include more applications, as the need arises, or your business grows.


The ability to scale, and the speed of implementation means that i-Con is an extremely cost efficient application integration solution.

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How does it work?

i-Con effectively takes on the roles of pointsman, interpreter, and manager within your application environment. We get applications talking to each other.

As pointsman, i-Con synchronises processes and allows applications to be integrated in real time. E.g. if an application requires a response before continuing, i-Con would ensure that it waited for the correct response before allowing it to continue.

As interpreter, i-Con facilitates communication not only between legacy and current applications but also between disparate systems. E.g. A Bank allows users to do transactions from a mobile device. i-Con interprets the instructions sent from the transport layer to the bank’s core system.

As manager, i-Con checks up on the operational status of applications. If any errors occur i-Con sends out an email or SMS notification in real time to support staff, and can attempt to restart the application to correct the error. E.g. an ATM Interface fails; i-Con registers the fault, notifies the support teams and attempts to restart the interface.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” -Archimedes

If i-Con is the lever, and the world is the future, would you put your legacy applications as the fulcrum?

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